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What is a Custom Web Design?

Has there been an emphasis on cutting spending and time lately on the web design? Then Custom Web Design is the apt solution for your business’ unique web requirements. This adaptable approach to web designing will help you put up a search engine friendly, scalable and easy-to-maintain website.

At Miracle Designs, we just do not add color scheme, images and fonts to your website and say “it’s done!” We understand your special business needs and then custom design your website (logos, lay outs, and much more) to suit your organizational goals and help you solve your website visitors’ challenges effectively.

To know more about Miracle Designs, ask our expert or you can browse through our portfolio.

Leverage Our Methodical Approach



We build simple custom web pages and rearrange your content well on your website. We simplify the navigation bar menu and regroup similar content on the same page.



We build a targeted landing page for each of your buyer personas and tailor individual Calls-to-Action (CTAs) to each persona



The content should be relevant and engaging, and the design compelling to entice visitors navigate deep into the website and find out complete information about your brand.



The design should be aesthetically pleasing to your visitors. The complementary color scheme can help you entice your visitors to focus on the desired logo or banner. We ensure correct font size for better readability.


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Our Web Design Services


Mobile Responsive Websites

We work on all the aspects of building a mobile responsive website – from coding, resizing and panning to creating menus, headers and site structure that adapts to the device that accesses it.



We create memorable website designs that engage users while defining businesses’ products / services in the best possible way. We make your website easy to navigate and engage users with a simple user experience. We deliver super-fast delivery of beautiful websites within deadlines. All designs are original and clients’ recommendations and directions are fully put to use while building the website.


Search Engine Friendly

We design for users who are looking for solutions to their challenges on the search engines. To attain the maximum search engine visibility, we design your website with a SEO strategy, right off the bat with computer coding and then including important texts and optimized images along with a text-based navigation structure and right redirects.


MORE Powerful Websites

We are trusted for being a web design company in Melbourne that specializes in creating powerful websites using:

  • Quick Load Speeds
  • Easy to navigate
  • Call to Action
  • Responsive images

Why Choose Us?

  • We are committed to solve your business objectives first and then work on aesthetics of your website
  • We are affordable
  • We create original artwork
  • No hidden fees
  • We DO NOT use templates in the name of custom web design
  • We have references
  • You own all the rights to the website we create for you
  • Quick turnaround