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SEO = More Customers = More Dollars = A Prosperous Business

What Is SEO?

Lets talk simple, Search Engine Optimization or SEO, as we all know, is the process of getting traffic from the ‘organic’, ‘free’, ‘natural’ or ‘editorial’ search results that comes up on all the major search engines. SEO is extremely essential for any business. Assuming that the site of an entrepreneur ranks high in the web crawlers, his business will get access to a broader client base and new markets and this has expanded the vitality of SEO or Search Engine Optimization for organizations in the later times. With Miracle Designs by your side, you will receive the right SEO Strategies with focus on attracting visitors to the site, achieving more traffic, leads accompanied by more service sales for the business. Thus, offering a kind of high benefit yielding chain that right SEO methodologies can raise for the business.


Because business understand ‘NUMBERS’, lets discuss some numbers –

  • 73% – users/consumers turn to Search engines to find products and services
  • 72% – users/consumers totally ignore paid ads; giving a clean sweep to Organic results
  • 44% – online users/consumers/buyers had begun from search engines only
  • 77% – people (online users/consumers/buyers) make their first choice on Page 1 itself

Understanding your business needs, Miracle Designs will help the clients to have a foundation for their business that will best serve their brand and customer with maximized quality and online entry points. Lack of good metrics and strategy can act as a barrier to your success, thus our competent resources and strategies develop an approach that skip the blind experimentation, thereby leading to the success of an overall program. The four step initiation process along with other SEO services helps the clients to leverage social media with minimal investment yet confirmed success rate include-:

Identify and understand the targeted audience

Understanding the requirement of your audience through surveys, discussion boards and many other different mediums and then creating content that add spark and value to their area of interest. The first step basically works on the concept of less talking and more listening.

Engage Prospective Customers in conversation

This step utilizes various tools like Technorati, Google Blog, Ice Rocket , Bloglines , Twitter , AideRSS and HubFeed to engage prospective customers and spectators in conversation. This is an important step that helps you to find happy, satisfied and even unsatisfied customers with whom you can connect more and more to achieve their satisfaction.

Maintaining a balance between quality and quantity of content

How much content? How frequent should the same be published? How to improve the content quality? These “how” are targeted in this step; as the more qualitative content published on social media sites would attract more customers towards the brand. Thus the company employ a dedicated team to post blogs, tweets, photos and even videos to increase sales and customers altogether.

Final analysis of the results

After performing so many activities, now is the time to analyze the results i.e. the sales and the lead generation through sophisticated tracking codes and analytical packages.

Miracle Designs’ Standard SEO Campaign

Every business owner has a single aim, to see his business reaching sky high. However, to achieve this aim they need the expert assistance from someone who knows all the ins and outs of modern day techniques that would maximize their client’s business efforts. For SEO, the techniques that bring desired results include –

On-Page Optimization

This refers to all the measures the SEO specialists take directly within the website in order to improve the website’s position. This position is analyzed in terms of search rankings.
Example of these measures include –

i) Website Type (Static/Dynamic)
ii) Keywords Listings and Analysis
iii) Keywords / Phrases Finalization (Based on Priority)
iv) Meta Tags Creation
v) Header Creation (H, H1, H2)
vi) Placing priority keywords in contents
vii) Title/Meta/Description compatibility
viii) Keywords Density Check
ix) SiteMap Creation (XML SiteMap)
x) Robots.txt Creation
xi) Google Webmastertool
xii) Google Analytics

Off-page Optimization

This refers to all the measures the SEO specialists take outside of the actual website in order to improve the website’s position. This position is analyzed in terms of search rankings. Example of these measures include –

i) Directory Submission
ii) Articles Submission
iii) Blog Submissions
iv) Social Networking(Facebook, Twitter etc.)
v) Classifieds Ads
vi) Search Engine Submission
vii) Link Building
viii) Social Bookmarking
ix) Video Promotions
x) Forums Submissions
xi) Press Release Submissions
xii) Classifieds Submission

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