Ecommerce Websites Melbourne

If you are interested in increasing your product or service sales, utilizing a virtual store to pull in online shoppers is the perfect solution you have been in search of. Be it is B2C (selling directly to consumers) or B2B (selling to other businesses), e-commerce is an amazing approach to flourish your customer base that too beyond your locale. Fortunately, with Miracle Designs’ e-commerce solutions, setting up a well-equipped and fully functional online store has never been easier.

The basics of our ecommerce solutions depend upon some figures, which include –

  • 57% buyers abandon their shopping cart at checkout
  • 92% of them quote high shipping cost as the reason
  • 67% of them find the checkout process too complex
  • 59% buyers prefer taking the Cash-on-delivery option
  • How does Miracle Designs’ e-commerce solutions help?

    Our E-commerce website allows you to –

    • Sell your services and products online with minimal upfront investment
    • Reach customers 24/7
    • Sell quicklyand easily
    • Expand your company’s geographic reach
    • Lower customer service costs
    • Improve your firm’s online visibility
    • Automate functions and letusers to make use
    • Improvement over customer loyalty and retention
    • Sell products without upholding physical inventory.

    What does our e-commerce solutions do?

    An important aspect of any e-commerce website is to allow its customers to shop for products/serviceswhile helping streamlining the order fulfillment process. Irrespective of the web-based solutions you pick, you should be able to –

    • Put up an online store that includes a shopping cart
    • Build an online product catalogue
    • Accept online payments with major credit cardsand/orPayPal
    • Optimize webpages for search engine searches
    • Implement a tracking system
    • Automate inventory control
    • Performance analyzation withstatistics and reports
    • Use modern marketing techniques, like -email marketing, interactive advertising,mobile marketing or social media.

    We don’t build websites.We build ecommerce businesses. Thus, our e-commerce solutions include –

    E-commerce security

    Security issues affect all environments including ecommerce, irrespective of whether the seller hosts its own pages for payment processing or outsources thesame. Our security profile include –

    • HTTPS for protecting sensitive data
    • Fraud Prevention   Management Setup
    • PCI compliance for providing data security
    • SSL Secure Data Transfer
    • Virus protection
    • Back up process and frequency
    • Failsafe,disaster recovery, and redundancy stipulations
    • Performance optimization andremote server monitoring and
    • Protection against malicious attacks
    • Firewall protection

    Quality Assurance and UAT

    Our expert Quality Assurance teamensures that the final product delivered is thoroughly tested for all possible end-user scenarios and the client is provided with a detailed Quality Assurance report. Basic QA report include –

    • Compliance with W3C standards
    • Client UAT/performance testing
    • Major browser compliance
    • Major OS platform compliance
    • SEO compatibility
    • Assuring successful staging transactions for all back-end functions
    • Load and performance testing
    • Adherence to standard conventions for SEO, user login, shopping carts,hyperlinks and checkouts
    • Compatibility with mobile devices

    Payment Gateway, logistics and system integration

    Our customized services ensure that the final product delivered is all inclusive of integrations expected to maintain the health and prosperity of your business. Thus, taking care of –

    • Payment Gateway
    • Supply Chain Management
    • Finance   Accounting CRM
    • Inventory Management
    • Order Fulfillment   Dispatch
    • Refunds, Cancellation, etc.

    Miracle Designs delivers more than just robust   scalable ecommerce development for your business, we go the extra mile to offer you an ecommerce website that adapts with your business culture along with ongoing maintenance and support.

    Start your profitable ecommerce venture today with a beautiful and responsive ecommerce website by experienced ecommerce website development experts at Miracle Designs.