What is Content Management System?

Content Management System with an abbreviated name CMS, is capable of managing multiple websites. Thus, allowing the business owner to have different versions of his/her online portal for cross-border locations without worrying over handling them together. The developer or even the owner himself can keep amending/appending information and/or details on these portals without any hassle.

CMS system has the unique capability of manipulating different attributes of the website according to the requirements and preferences of the client. One-to-one marketing is one of the purposes for which CMS works as a great help.


WordPress services and products are in great demand these days and Miracle Designs offer its expertise in offering services in respect of one of the fastest growing content management system (CMS) platform on the web, WordPress. WordPress has been implemented in every business these days and we as its service provider offer the same via our value added services like -:

  • Installing WordPress for using the same as a Blog or content management system
  • Database Connectivity for smooth insertion and retrieval altogether
  • Installation of a theme as per clients choice and needs
  • Install advanced Ping list
  • Install a robots file for referencing search engine spiders so as to index the website
  • Setting up permanent links to improve SEO for a website
  • Installing the plug-ins to maximize benefits of the selected theme
  • Configuring spam protection for blog spam comments

How CMS will help your business?

Increase efficiency – CMS allows fast and efficient publishing, editing, revisions and other updates, without requiring visual design or coding knowledge. Thus, saving business cost and time.

Increase your search engine ranking – Maintaining an updated quality content is crucial to your online ranking and CMS has all the capabilities of keeping your content fresh.

Maintain control over your content – Core feature of any good CMS is its Workflow and this aspect of Workflow ensures that your business keep-up the control over content.

Help your visitors in their search for information– Content is automatically indexed when you have a good and powerful CMS, which can then be easily available to the visitors. Another important aspect of CMS is, the visitors can also make use of taxonomy applications, saved searches, sorting lists for personalizing their search experiences.

Cross-selling – Highly developed CMS can learn user preferences and behavior, thus making user’s up-selling and cross-selling efforts fast and effective.

Why you need a CMS?

Easy and quick Content Management – There are features like – save content as draft, manage content through taxonomy or folders, easy update for site navigation, auto publish, content styling using WYSIWYG editor, restrict access – that helps in easy management of your content.

Improve online branding – The marketing team gets multitude of opportunities in keeping your business relevant via emails, RSS, brochures, dynamic content management, hypersites, etc.

Extensibility – There are different plug-ins available that helps in extending the functionality beyond its default capabilities.

Improve customer service – Customers can be kept happy with quick and effective support channels, which include – FAQs, help sections and support forms, and only a good CMS will offer this magic wand to your business.

Mobile optimization – Sophisticated CMSs offer automatically tailoring presentation, mobile optimizationand content for different devices.

Implementing all these scenarios in our top-notch services, Miracle Designs provides its clients with best and effective Content Management Services that are not only user-friendly, but allow you greater control over the system. The next best thing about our CMS is its affordability and the fact that it comes with many unique and distinctive features. So, be it a feature rich website with widespread customization or a blogging website with multiple writers contributing, our Content Management Services are capable of delivering it all.